About Us

Every one of our assessments and projects are led by an experienced security professional. Many security firms are made up of individuals with networking and firewall security backgrounds. While this expertise is important for certain types of security, application security is about the writing of code. Therefore, all of our security personnel have over 10 years of experience as software developers and architects. appDefense is very active in the security community. Our security professionals are key members on such projects as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and in the setting of application security standards at OASIS.

Most importantly, appDefense does not try to sell you a product or lock you into a proprietary solution. Our company is based on the foundation of helping companies secure their applications in the most efficient manner possible. appDefense is not here to simply conduct an assessment and leave you to deal with the vulnerabilities. Application security is a process to be followed. We are looking for partners who need our expertise to assist them through this process.